Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker


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Check out the headgear! The Pileated Woodpecker is a big, loud, dashing black and white bird topped off with a flaming red crest. The largest woodpecker in North America, it hangs out in forests where it loves to excavate rotten wood, making distinctive rectangular-shaped holes, to get at its favourite food – Carpenter ants. Once rare thanks to deforesting, for the last 100 years the Pileated Woodpecker has been coming back and if you’re lucky you might spy one on the outskirts of cities. But why wait – ours is ready to see right now.

Our Pileated Woodpecker is:

  • 11 inches high by 7.4 inches wide 
  • Easily installed with the tap of a hammer (pre-drill hard wood)
  • Designed in 1/7-inch Corten® steel to form a beautiful patina of rust that changes with the seasons
  • Shipped to you quickly
  • The perfect gift for a flamboyant friend
    Box Size Length (unit) Width (unit) Height (unit) Weight (unit)
    Regular 11" 8" 1/4" 8oz

    Pileated Woodpecker
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