Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle


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The Bald Eagle flying overhead, emitting a rough, piercing scream is a classic image. The only problem? They don't make that sound. Also, not bald, but with a head of fine white feathers. Hard to believe, but Canada’s largest bird of prey was once nearly wiped out by humans using DDT or shooting them as pests or trophies. Did you know that when a Bald Eagle loses a feather on one wing, it will lose a feather on the other to keep perfect balance? What a finely tuned machine, deserving of a special spot at your place. 

Our Bald Eagle is:

  • 16 inches high by 7 inches wide (doesn't include measurement of the branch/spike)
  • Easily installed with the tap of a hammer (pre-drill hard wood)
  • Designed in 1/7-inch Corten® steel to form a beautiful patina of rust that changes with the seasons
  • Shipped to you quickly
  • The perfect gift for a noble kind of friend
    Box Size Length (unit) Width (unit) Height (unit) Weight (unit)
    16" 7" 1/4" 8oz

    Bald Eagle
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